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Author: Ex-Why-Zwee of thatnobodygrrl
Title: Always
Rating: nc-17 for violence and non-con
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud
Summary: Always, always for you... Cloud...
x-posted to ff7writer, ff7yaoiff_drabble and some others. Basically x-posted like mad, sorry if you see it lots of times....

“You ran awaqy from me, pet.” Cloud is bloodied and dizzy. He cannot feel his arms or his legs, and the surrounding darkness is too heavy for him to see through.


“You hurt me.” His captor whispers into his ear. That voice, so familiar, so mocking. If not for the cloth tied tightly into his mouth, he would demand to be released. As it is, he can only snarl angrily.


“I’m going to break you, pet.” A hand strokes blond spikes tenderly.


“So you won’t be able to run away again.” The first blow comes from behind. He hears more than feels the bone in his forearm break. The sickening snap as his limb becomes useless to him. His arms are chained to the wall above him, his legs to the ground below. His head hangs down, eyes closed.


“Isn’t that what you want?” His other arm foes nextm accompanied by a hard punch to his jaw.


“Yes, I’ll take care of you, pet.” The loving strokes become a harsh pull as Cloud is forced to look into the mad eyes of his assailant. Eerie blue and green, with black slits for pupils. He feels the pain finally, as two of his ribs give to the man’s boot.


“You know I love you, pet.” A hand strokes Cloud’s broken jaw, making him wince in pain. They draw back dripping with blood.

“You know I love you, Cloud.” It’s been far too long since that man had last used his name, and the memories it brings back are crushing, and suffocating.


“You’ll never leave my side again, will you, Cloud?” The toe of the boot connects with his knee, shattering it.


“I missed you, Cloud.” His other knee gives, and the face dangerously close to his glistens with tears. His words drip sincerity.


“Why would you hurt me, Cloud?” And loneliness.


“Why, Cloud?” His body is being released, but in its battered state collapses to the ground. Cloud’s broken arms are useless to absorb the impact of the fall, and his head hits the ground making his vision go momentarily black.


“All I ever did was care for you, Cloud.” The knife trailing down his back cuts only deep enough to tear his clothes and cut a thin line of blood across his scarred skin.


“All I ever did was love you, Cloud.” His remaining clothing is torn away, until he lies there on the cold ground, naked, broken, and bleeding.


“All I ever did was need you, Cloud.” The man thrusts into him violently, and somehow his body still has it in him to cry out in hurt.


“Yes, Cloud, don’t you see how I care for you?” He continues the merciless pounding, and with every thrust, Cloud feels himself tearing apart.

“Don’t you see how I long for you?” He bleeds.


“Don’t you see how I adore you?” Nails scrape down his back, and Cloud retains barely enough consciousness to wonder why – above all things – does he feel that?


“Don’t you see, Cloud?” The man cums deep inside him, and Cloud feels the disgusting liquid trickle out of his broken body. The man pulls himself out and away sharply, causing a fresh explosion of pain. Cloud screws his eyes up in anguish, and cries out. Tears stream freely down his cheeks now as well.


“It’s all for you!” Cloud can see him better now; his eyes have adjusted to the darkness of the room. There he stands, still magnificent in all his crazed, shattered glory. The broken general, the broken man.

“Everything for you, Cloud!” Sephiroth.


“Always, always for you… Cloud…” Cloud wonders fleetingly – before succumbing to the darkness in his head – which one of them is worse off? Perhaps they fit each other perfectly. Perhaps they deserve each other.

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