Thene (athenemiranda) wrote in ff_drabble,

three FFXIII drabbles

Gen, 100 words

I live on Pulse.

Running through its fissures, drinking its springs, inhaling the smoke it breathes out. I am of its nature, blood drawn by insects and cieth, pouring down the faultwarrens, pulse feeding pulse, surviving. The sky knows my name. The god of its pain in defeat chose me.

I am made by Pulse. Pulse beneath skin, pulse directed. Impulse. Never certain. Always there. I am Pulse. Pulse opening, Pulse seeing through my eyes.

I live on Pulse. I am purged, exiled, have no other home. I have no other people; our future is Pulse, shambling or stone.

RAINES TO RYGDEA: Is That A Gun In Your Pocket
M/M, 100 words, alludes to character death

Was it good for you? Was it easy? Did you want it the way I did? Will you think of me the next time you clean your gun?

Did I touch you in return, and did some part of you awaken? Did you feel what I felt - our belonging to freedom - were you with me all the way? Did you take it with a smile?

Will you still like me in the morning? It shouldn't ruin our friendship - you still respect me, I hope?

Did you know I've loved you always, and I hoped we'd be together in the end?

F/F, 100 words

For night after night and year on crystal year,
I rested beside you, lying safe beneath your strength
Safe from every viper.
I let you love me, and let you keep me,
As if I were a small treasured thing that might shatter.

Memories lost, forgetfulness so fragile.
Now I can offer you the same in return.

So take shelter within my lies
Let me hold your ignorance close,
Let me love it and protect it.
Let me pretend for you. Let me lie to you.
Let me lay my hands over that scar, and claim it as mine.
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