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Title: That Summer
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: implied!Rinoa, Seifer
Rating: G
Wordcount: 136

She made a promise to herself that she'd never go there again. The beach where the sky was always so blue and cloud-free. The sand tickled her toes and burnt them at the same time, almost like the boy she was there with. A tickle and a burn. The sun shone so high, but her face was too narrow for sunglasses; so instead she settled on an over-sized sunhat. That same sunhat was now stashed far away, high on her closet shelf (stuck between their box of seashells and a smaller box of ticket stubs, receipts, and faded napkins).

That boy had said the sunhat looked ridiculous on her head. She had only stuck her tongue out at him and secured the beige hat more tightly on her raven hair.

Oh, that summer. With that Seifer.

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