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Final Fantasy Drabbles
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drabble; a small story of 100 words.
But we'll let it be anything less than 500 in this case.

Any Final Fantasy related drabbles can be posted. Simple, really!


    # Play nicely or be smote.
    # All drabbles must be Final Fantasy related. This can include crossovers if you like, and definitely includes spin offs such as Kingdom Hearts and Ergheiz.
    #Please include spoiler warnings for FFVII fics involving any mention of characters or events from Advent Children, Before Crisis or Dirge of Cerberus.
    # Please ensure anything over 200 words goes under a cut.
    # Ditto for anything rated R or higher.
    # Proper headings would be appreciated but not you won't be leapt upon for not doing so. These should include pairing and rating, at least, for the sake of other members. Subject titles are also Of The Good.
    # Tags would be nice. Not essential, but nice.

The more you give feedback, chances are the more you'll receive it.

Comments and questions can be directed at briargate at the email address up there. *points up*

*Final Fantasy Drabblechat*
shanaqui is planning on hosting a drabblechat in August, and the more writers the merrier!

Details to be found on her journal here, and final dates and times will be announced on the comm as soon as they have been decided.

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